Rachel Zorel, the principal of 7 Layer Studio in South Orange, New Jersey, has over 15 years of experience creating award-winning design and branding for clients as big as Chase bank and as small as your neighborhood bagel shop. On every project, big or small, the goal is always the same: create exceptional strategic design.

With a degree in Advertising Design from Syracuse University and skills honed at The School of Visual Arts, Rachel initially worked as an Art Director in a NYC agency. But, her real ambition was to start her own studio, so she quickly struck out on her own, launching 7 Layer Studio, formally known as Zorel Design in 2004. Since its inception, 7 Layer Studio has had a steady stream of clients in a broad range of industries including food, fashion, luxury goods, aviation, real estate and food services, among others. 

Rachel lives in South Orange, NJ with her husband and 4 children.



Jacquelyn Kirby is a graphic designer, writer and one of the nerdiest nerds you'll ever meet, not just because of her obsession with Star Wars, D&D, and her Playstation, but because of her awkward levels of enthusiasm. She seriously loves to geek out.

Jacquelyn finds focus in learning and telling stories. She has been designing for more than six years. She has spent those years designing both in small studios and large corporate in-house teams in NYC. Before pivoting into design, Jacquelyn studied Literature and Creative Writing, and worked a few years for Editorial in the publishing industry. 

Jacquelyn is a concept driven designer, excited by researching what you do to find the threads that tell your story. She loves the thrill of presenting ideas and working together to turn them into tangible pieces of branding. She is an eager collaborator, literally energized by working with others. To her, every new client is an opportunity to learn about something and someone, and shape that knowledge into new content.  



Alex, a skilled 3D generalist, is our motion graphics mastermind. Exposed to video editing and animation when he was nine, he remembers being instantly hooked and hungry to learn how to do it himself.

His favorite thing about working in 3D animation is being able to build an idea in a digital space and then grow it into something he never could have dreamed of through the use of effects. 

Off the clock, Alex is still driven by his passion for digital content. He enjoys spending his free time supplementing his education with online tutorials and watching Ted Talks. He would describe himself as a “hardcore gamer” but he does make sure to step away from the screen sometimes, saying, “you’ll occasionally find me deep in the mountains with my dog.”